We do not offer financing schemes to patients either directly or through a third party.

However, we feel that it is appropriate to provide people with information that will assist them to decide if they can afford to have a cosmetic surgery done, as this is a very different aspect to the service that we offer.

We suggest that people search on the terms such as "surgery payments" or "cosmetic surgery loans" or contact companies that provide these services to assess their affordability of cosmetic surgery in their lives.

We will accept financing schemes such as payment plans for our affordable Breast Implants for $5999, Breast Lifts $6990, Implants and Lifts $13,000.

We can offer these lower prices because our business strategy is to do more breast implants at a lower margin for us and better saving for you. Don't be fooled that price means quality! It's a psychological play to influence sales. We believe that our breast implants are as good as those for much greater costs.

We know people want Payment Plans, but we cannot offer Payment Plans,

Because the Medical Board of Australia has indicted in it is:

"Guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures"

               12.4 The medical practitioner should not offer financing schemes to patients (other than credit card facilities), either directly or through a third party, such as loans or commercial payment plans, as part of the cosmetic medical or surgical services.

Nor can we arrange your travel:

               12.5 Medical practitioners should not offer patients additional products or services that could act as an incentive to treatment (e.g. free or discounted flights or accommodation).


However, have people come to us from Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter, Wollongong, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Bundaberg, Mackay, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Many town in country Victoria & Mid west town such as Dubbo, Orange and Tamworth.


These people use commercial service for there "Surgery Travel" and "Surgery Travel" you just have to google to find these service providers as we cannot offer them to you!

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"Any Surgical or Invasive Procedures carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”