Breast Implants

Welcome and we hope we can help you on your journey to either restoring your breast after childbirth / weight loss or helping you when you breast are too small. We know you are doing lots of research and every site you go to claims that there surgeon is a “specialist” or the “most sort after” or get “exceptional results”. You know that is all marketing right?

We will only say one thing hat we hope will help you see that we are serious about helping you. That is a number “467”. That is the number of woman who we treat in 2017! (It was 438 in 2016). Why so many? Well we are sensibly priced. Why should having reasonable or better breast be only for those living in the wealthier suburbs? We want to change that. Everyone wants to know price first so lets go!


So we hear the price snobs and the other doctor in expensive suits with beautiful (expensive web sites) saying it from here, so lets say is “Cheap and Nasty” and “You get what you pay for”.

That is rubbish! We are just not into making excess profits and we have a different business strategy. More cases at lower margins. We run an efficient operation without waste and excess costs but we do not short cut safety. We have met the same standards as Day Surgery Facilities and have been assessed by the NSW Medical Council and have passed with flying colours. We keep meticulous reporting and our complication and advert desired outcome rates are the same as international standards.

Yes true fact, EVERY Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon has complications and people who are not happy with their outcomes. We are just the honest player to tell you that form the start.

So back to the price. You do know that price does not relate to quality and it is a marketing play to get you to pay more when you think that way.

At Enhance Clinic we are always trying make our services more affordable. Dr Blackstock led the way in reducing breast implants prices and thanks to increasing our capacity we are now able to offer our amazing base breast price $5999.

Have a look at this social experiment that shows that price does not affect quality

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“Any Surgical or Invasive Procedures carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”