Intimate Female

The intimate Female areas may affect self confidence due to excess Labia skin or fat protruding on the Mons Pubis. These changes, may be with in the range of "normal" or they may be excess due to developmental or familiar reasons.

The treatment of these are by lab reshaping or liposuction.

Contact and we can guide you the are to a surgeon who literally has done thousand of these proceeders.

The colour of the intimate skin can concern some people. Though this can be normal in some races it can be related to dermatological conditions and simple cream may be the treatment.

If this concerns you just talk to us. Your privacy is assured.

Then after child birth the internal tightness of the vagina can be affected by child birth, as well as aging and weight gain.

It could be that what you think is excessively loose may be normal for you age. It can be very helpful just to be examined and know where you sit in the range of normality.

If could be that any problem for you in intimacy may be with your partner. At our consultation we can talk about options for him.

If you really do have a demonstrable concern we can discuss the non surgical treatments and the exercise that will help you or if you are a candidate for Vaginal Tightening.

"Any Surgical or Invasive Procedures carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”